sophia andressen

Principal Designer, Owner


We’re pretty sure that Sophia started her life with an eye for good hair and the precision to go along with it. As long as she can remember, she’s had a huge passion for creating flawless hair for women. As a result, she began taking classes at The Aveda Institute in Austin, Texas. When she was immersed in an environment with like-minded creative professionals, she began creating looks that far superseded her clients' expectations. This is where she really got the feeling that she had a passion for creating beautiful looks and making women feel like the Bombshell they all truly are. After graduating college, Sophia interned and worked for several Master stylists in the industry while honing her skills. Her passion for art, culture, creativeness and general love of life make Sophia a standout in the beauty industry.




Small Beginnings


We seriously started Bombshell with a passion, a dream and a Ford Escape -we were that determined. Sophia started with a vision and worked her way through college and we’ve never looked back. In 2012, we were lucky enough to finally land in Round Rock, Texas at Willow Salon and Spa (where Sophia was trained by master stylist, Erin Berlin) where we seriously thought our dreams had the opportunity to come true. And since then, that dream has grown tremendously. From those small beginnings, our dreams are still in the process of becoming our reality. And we LOVE it! Try us out...your inner vixen WON'T be disappointed!